The period when you lose your loved one is full of sadness and grieving and it’s quite an obvious preparing for their funeral or cremation is even more overwhelming. Although, the entire method is heartbreaking still it is compulsory to say goodbye to your loved ones in a proper way.

With so many rumors on what to do and what not, the family of deceased often gets confused what actually they have to. Shedding light on this, let’s learn the top 5 things you should know about planning a cremation or funeral.

Don’t purchase a casket or urn from the funeral home

When it comes to choosing caskets or Cremation Urns for Ashes, funeral homes will often provide you with the best bet, but expensive. You’ll get the same urn or casket from the online market for less than a funeral home. So, rather investing thousands of dollars buying from funeral home, make sure to buy it from manufacture or retailers. They will provide the best and affordable options.

Scattering Ashes is Legal

The biggest misconception people have is scattering ashes is against the law, which is not true. However, when scattering in a private property, make sure to get permission from the site owner to prevent any sort of mess. But when scattering in water or Crown land, permission is not needed.

Preservation is not needed by Law

Whether you have cremated or made funeral on the specific time period, the body of your deceased loved ones may not need to be preserved. The expense of preserving your deceased body is quite high and is not required when you want to see your loved ones over and over again.

Prepaying for your funeral doesn’t cover all aspects

When you make a plan to prepaying for your funeral arrangements, it is crucial to know what is being covered. Make sure to ask for detailed lists of things which are not included. These include catering, flowers, clergy fees, music, and obituaries given to family later as a surprise. Be certain you understand what has happened to your money you’ve invested in prepaying arrangement of your funeral.

There is nothing called ‘Funeral package Discount’

When looking for discounted rates, you may come across with so many packages from the service provider. They will provide you everything, ranging from arranging flowers to Funeral Urns. But most of the time, it is a trap. If funeral home provides you with the package, make sure to create individual price list prior. This will help you to see what difference you will get after availing for the package.

Price over the phone can be not the final price

When looking for a reliable funeral home, you may come across with many options. One will tell you its $3000 and other will tell you it's $900. Obviously, you will go with the second option but it might be different from what it appears. So, before falling into this trap, ask them about the hidden costs and then break down the cost giving funeral home permission to moving the body into the care.

Final thoughts

Finding a death care consultant or memorial planner with industry experience is challenging. So, keeping all the above aspects in mind can help you to give a memorable tribute to your loved ones without affecting your budget.

Michael Hummell