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Patriotic Cremation Urns

What better way to memorialize the brave men and women who served and protected our country than with a cremation urn proudly displaying the American flag?

Trupoint Memorials’ collection of patriotic flag urns for ashes pays tribute to our nation’s heroes and is an expression of our profound gratitude for their service.

Whether it be for a mom, dad, or child, our Stars and Stripes’ urns are the perfect final resting place for any person with a true American soul and passionately patriotic personality.

Choosing the Right Specialty Urn

If you’re looking for a patriotic cremation urn, Trupoint Memorials has three beautiful designs to choose from.

The Patriotic Urn and Classic Patriotic Flag Urn both come in high-quality brass. Our Patriotic Urn has a simple, elegant, and timeless feel, which would be the perfect choice for many veterans. The Classic Patriotic Flag Urn has a more fluid design that looks like a flag blowing in the breeze. They’re both intricately handpainted with gold outline details and come in a high-gloss finish.

If you’re looking for a more lightweight option, our Modern American Flag Urn is made of lightweight aluminum. The bold red, white, and blue colors have been carefully hand-selected to make the most striking visual impact. The design has clean, modern lines complemented with gold trimmings. It has a protective coating for a long-lasting finish.

These three designs come in a large urn size for adults weighing up to 200 lbs and a keepsake urn size that holds just a few ounces of ashes. These small urns can be purchased individually or in a set of four.


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