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Tree of Life Urns

Trupoint Memorials offers a collection of intricately handcrafted Tree of Life Urns suitable for adults' remains. This themed urn is a perfect symbol of family unity and the connection between life and the afterlife... The exquisite gold detail makes it an ideal urn to put on a display table or shelf. Our cremation urns for ashes are individually hand-carved and hand-painted to ensure the finest quality and attention to detail.

Choosing an Urn for a Loved One

Trupoint Memorials’ Tree of Life Urn is one of our unique urns that carries a special meaning. The tree of life symbolism dates back hundreds of years and is found in many eastern and western cultures. It represents eternal life, the connection between heaven and earth, family and ancestry, knowledge, and peace. It’s the perfect choice of urn for nature lovers or a lost family member and is one of our most popular urns for moms.

Our Tree of Life Urn is also a great choice of cremation urn for burial or display as it is made from high-quality brass. Alternatively, there is a Tree of Life keepsake urn for ashes if you want to share the cremains among family members.
You can choose from three colors: the traditional green of nature, an elegant white, or a rich blue. They all come with handpainted gold embellishments that make for a striking design.

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