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Urns for Dad

Your dad or father figure plays one of the most influential roles in your life. So we understand that you want to honor his life and cherish his memory after his passing. Trupoint Memorials offers a wide selection of urns for your dad's ashes. We play an integral role in memorials for dads, offering a collection of unique urns for fathers. They range from custom-designed urns to themed urns and cheap urns for ashes – all of which are of superb quality and design.

There is also a selection of materials to choose from, with brass, aluminum, and bronze cremation urns being popular choices, as well as wood, porcelain, and ceramic urns that are classic and timeless. Biodegradable urns for water are quickly becoming popular for those looking for an environmentally friendly option.

Choosing a Cremation Urn for Dad

With so many types and materials available, you may feel overwhelmed with the broad selection. However, choosing the best urn for your father doesn't have to be a difficult process. The first step is deciding on the type of urn.


These are the main types to choose from:

Large and Extra-Large Urns for Dad

If you are looking to put all the cremation ashes in a single urn, you will need a large or extra-large urn suitable for adults weighing up to 200 lbs and 360 lbs, respectively. Examples of these adult urns include hand-painted horses and golf urns.

Small and Keepsake Urns for Dad

Small urns for dad are the best choice if you want to divide the cremation ashes into several keepsake urns. Popular choices are peaceful dove blue urns and red and white cardinal keepsake urns.

Companion Urns for Dad

A companion urn is an ideal option to have an everlasting companion for your dad. These urns come in larger sizes or consist of two compartments to hold your parents' ashes together as a symbol of their love.

The above types come in a variety of themes and designs, including:

Patriotic-Themed Urns

Our patriotic urns for human ashes include artfully hand-designed stars and stripes urns showcasing the American flag.

Maritime-Themed Urns

These are an excellent choice for dads who loved the open ocean. They include lighthouse urns, ship urns, and ones with an ocean tide design.

Nature-Themed Urns

Our nature-inspired urns are perfect for fathers who loved the great outdoors. Our collection includes the tree of life cremation urns, hummingbird urns, and cardinal urns.

Religious Urns

Catholic cremation urns are available for fathers who led religious and devout lives. They include heavenly dove urns and those inlaid with a cross.

Customized Urn Painting

A cremation urn need not be a simple vessel for ashes. Many people opt for custom urns for their dads that have been hand painted.

Trupoint Memorials offers stunning hand-painted and beautifully engraved urns to give your father a unique resting place. Some of our painted designs include detailed birds, the tree of life, horses, golfing scenes, and firefighter emblems.

Our carefully painted designs also depict the serene colors of the ocean tides, camouflage designs, and the brilliant golds of the desert sands.

Once you have selected the perfect urn for your dad, you can further customize it by engraving a thoughtful message to pay tribute to him.


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