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Gold Cremation Urns

Gold is a rich color that is often associated with prosperity and success. Gold urns are the perfect way to pay tribute to a person who lived an optimistic and ambitious life, but they are also ideal for memorializing a warm, generous, and compassionate soul.

Trupoint Memorials’ gold cremation urns range from simple and traditional to elegant and luxurious. If you are looking for an urn to hold your mom’s, dad’s, or child’s ashes, you can rest assured that our handcrafted gold urns are perfect for display, yet durable enough for burial, and will shine as bright as your loved one’s personality.

Choosing the Right Specialty Urn

Trupoint Memorials’ gold urns come in various metals, sizes, and designs. We have beautiful, classic designs like our Serenity collection, the symbolic Tree of Life Urn with gold details, or the Desert Sands Urn with a striking black and gold marble pattern. Our Mother of Pearl Urn is inlaid with iridescent, hand-selected pieces of shell for an understated, elegant look. All our designs have a protective coating for a brilliant, long-lasting finish.

Our urns come in solid, high-quality brass or aluminum alloy for a lighter alternative. You can also choose between small keepsake urns, large urns for adults up to 200 lbs, and our Majestic Urns, which have an extra-large capacity for adults up to 300 lbs.

We even have our Always Faithful pet urns in gold or brown with gold detail. These urns come in small, medium, and large sizes.


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