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Baby & Child Urns

We know that losing your little angel is one of the most painful things you will have to endure as a parent. This is a very difficult time and one of the toughest choices might be choosing the best urn for your child’s ashes.

The Trupoint Memorial urns are handcrafted from high quality brass. Brass is strong, making it perfect to preserve ashes. The durability of a brass urn means your child’s ashes will be safeguarded and protected. The other benefits of brass urns are that they have various decorative and colour options, with an exceptional look and feel. This means you get to choose an urn that represents your child and keep their memory alive.

Choosing a Baby/Child Cremation Urn

Our beautiful keepsake urns are perfect for any mother and father grieving the loss of their baby boy or baby girl. Trupoint Memorials has two different size child urns for you to choose from. The keepsake urn is a small urn for human ashes and holds a modest portion (around 2 tablespoons) of the cremains so that you can keep a small part of your little angel near. The larger children and infant urns are ideal for holding all of your child's cremains. Our urns are made with loving care and detail to ensure only the highest quality for your baby. These urns come in beautiful blue and pink and are wonderful for preserving the memory of your precious child.


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