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White Cremation Urns

White holds different meanings for different cultures. In the East, white is the color of mourning, the afterlife, and rebirth. In the West, white is associated with virtue, insight, purity, and an innocent soul. White is, therefore, a very fitting color for cremation urns for almost any person and pays a special tribute to many types of personalities.

Trupoint Memorials has a beautiful collection of white urns for ashes that are suitable for a mom, dad, child, or even a beloved pet. Our metal urns are perfect for display at home, in a columbarium, or for burial. The designs range from simple and timeless for those with refined tastes to intricately hand painted birdlife to memorialize those who loved nature.

Choosing the Right Specialty Urn

When choosing the perfect cremation urn for a lost loved one, you’ll need to factor in the urn’s design, material, and size.

Trupoint Memorials’ white urns come in various beautiful, hand-selected designs. There are elegant and classic styles like our Everlasting Love Urn, or there are urns with simple, clean lines like the Modern Love Urn. We have urns in soft white and gold and those with bright pops of color against the white background. We use high-quality paint and a protective coat for a brilliant, long-lasting finish.

Our urns come in solid brass or more lightweight aluminum alloy. Both materials are exceptionally hardwearing and tarnish-resistant, making them suitable for outdoors as well as indoors.

Finally, you need to determine the size of the urn you’ll need. Our large urns can hold the remains of a person of up to 200 lbs. Our Majestic Urn comes in white and is suitable for a 330-lb person. Alternatively, you can opt for a keepsake urn, which is a small urn that holds only a portion of the cremains.


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