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Pet Cremation Urns

Our pets will always be our faithful furry friends forever. When they pass, it leaves an emptiness like no other. At Trupoint Memorials, we understand that they deserve to be treasured like a family member. This is why we have a range of beautiful urns for ashes designed just for pet memorials.

Our urns are made from quality aluminum alloy to keep their ashes safe. We have a variety of unique small, medium, and large urns that are perfect for small cats to large dogs. Our keepsake urns hold a small portion of ashes so that you can keep them close to your heart.

Choosing a Pet Urn

Placing your pet’s ashes in an urn is a great way to honor their life and give them the memorial they deserve. Our forever pet urns are carefully handcrafted and look beautiful on display or buried in their favorite spot in the garden.

When choosing the urn, you need to consider the size of your pet and the style and color you would like the urn to be. Trupoint Memorials have urns in white, gold, silver, gray, blue, and black. They all have a beautiful paw print design that makes for the perfect pet memorial.

Each urn comes in a velvet bag for safekeeping, but you can rest assured that all our urns come at an affordable price.


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