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Unique Cremation Urns

When choosing the perfect cremation urn for your loved one, it's important that it pays tribute to their unique life and one-of-a-kind personality.

Trupoint Memorials offers a collection of unusual, specialty urns for ashes that capture the essence or soul of those who passed and memorialize them in a special way. We've got a selection of individually handcrafted urns that represent the person's unique characteristics, whether a mom or dad, a child, or even a pet.

Choosing the Right Specialty Urn

When choosing the right urn for your loved one’s cremains, you need to consider the size, material, and design. We offer a wide range of sizes, from keepsake urns that hold a very small amount of ashes to small urns for children, large urns for adults, and extra-large urns for those who weighed more than 200 lbs.

Our urns come in two high-quality materials: brass and aluminum. Both are incredibly durable and suitable for keeping indoors or for outdoor burials. They only differ in terms of their weight, with aluminum being the lighter metal.

The urn’s design is another important consideration. Trupoint’s range includes a number of carefully hand-selected styles and colors. Some of our unusual nature designs include intricately painted wild horses, butterflies, and cardinals. We have a lighthouse seascape and cool, abstract artwork depicting the ocean tides and desert sands. You’re also unlikely to find a one-of-a-kind camouflage design like ours elsewhere or something as unique as a firefighter motif.

Regardless of your choice, rest assured that each urn is hand-carved and painted with hard-wearing paint for a long-lasting, glossy finish.


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