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Extra Large Urns

We know that losing a loved one is very difficult and often unexpected. Choosing the perfect urn to capture their life and memory accurately can be overwhelming among everything else you need to deal with.

Trupoint Memorials aim to ease your burden during this trying time. We offer a wide range of beautifully handcrafted adult urns, including extra-large urns to accommodate more ashes.

Our urns for human ashes come in high-quality materials like brass, aluminum, and pewter. They are incredibly durable and have a secure top opening to keep your loved one’s ashes fully sealed and protected.

Choosing an Extra Large Cremation Urn

Our beautiful extra-large adult urns are perfect for commemorating the life of your lost loved one. These affordable urns are made specifically to hold a larger amount of ashes suitable for a person weighing between 300 and 360 lbs.

We offer various designs and colors so our customers can find one that’s just right to honor dad, mom, or anyone else you hold dear. Our designs include a Wings of Love Urn with symbolic doves of peace. The vibrant Nature’s Peace Hummingbird Urn is perfect for anyone who loved being in the garden or the great outdoors. There are also softer Light Blue and Lavender Urns that convey serenity and calm. For those with larger-than-life personalities, there are striking green and bold crimson-red Majestic Urns. Our range also includes simpler modern Pewter Urns with sleek lines for the stylish and sophisticated.

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