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Bird Urns

Birds represent nature at its finest. Not only are they beautiful, but they also carry deep symbolic meaning, often regarded as tokens of peace, hope, and healing. This is why an urn with birds makes for a suitable and meaningful final resting place.

Trupoint Memorials’ range includes high-quality bird cremation urns. They are handcrafted from durable brass and aluminum and intricately handpainted for a truly unique urn.

Choosing an Urn for a Loved One

Choosing an urn for a loved one is never easy. However, bird cremation urns are an excellent choice for many people.

Our Hummingbird Urn is exquisitely detailed and painted in vivid purple, making it a special urn for a mom who was full of vitality and zest for life. We also have a cremation urn with a red cardinal bird—a symbol of enthusiasm and loyalty—which can make a great urn for dad.

A top choice for that special man or special woman in your life is our Modern Love Urn. Not only does the dove represent peace, but as these birds mate for life, they also symbolize life-long devotion and faithfulness.

Our Peaceful Dove cremation urn depicts the freedom of spirit and journey to the heavens. It’s a suitable resting place for those who led a devout and spiritual life.

You could also choose a bird keepsake urn. Our Wings of Love Urns depict birds in graceful flight, illustrating the connectedness and unity of the flock. These small keepsake urns are designed for siblings and close friends who want to share their loved one’s remains and cherish their unbreakable bond.