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Red Cremation Urns

Few colors are as bold and emotive as red: regarded as the color of life and love. Many Eastern cultures view red as a symbol of luck and prosperity, and in the West, red is traditionally viewed as regal and luxurious.

Regardless of how you view the color, red cremation urns make a bold statement and pay tribute to a mom, dad, or child with a vibrant personality and love for life. Trupoint Memorials offers a range of beautifully handcrafted red urns for ashes that are perfect for display and will memorialize any person with a strong spirit and passionate soul.

Choosing the Right Specialty Urn

When choosing the perfect cremation urn for your loved one, you need to consider a few things besides the urn’s color: its material, size, and design.

Trupoint Memorials’ red urns are solid brass or high-quality aluminum alloy. Both materials are exceptionally durable and tarnish-resistant. They look stunning on display indoors or outdoors and are also strong enough to be buried.

When deciding on the size of the urn to buy, you need to consider the person’s body weight. Trupoint Memorials has large urns for a person up to 200 lbs or extra-large urns for those up to 300 lbs. The alternative is to keep only a few ounces of cremains, for example, if you want to divide the ashes among family members. In this case, you’ll need small keepsake urns.

Finally, you need to factor in which red design is best suited for your loved one. We’ve carefully hand-selected our beautiful urn designs and offer something for all tastes. There are classic and traditional styles, intricately handpainted urns, and modern designs. All our painted urns have a protective coating to ensure a long-lasting finish.


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