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Urns for Mom

Moms bring us into the world and care for us unconditionally. This is why their passing is one of the hardest losses to bear.
If you've decided on cremation, there are many ways to carry and store your loved one's ashes, including beautiful urns for moms. You can take comfort knowing
there are pretty urns and unique urns for mothers that are as special as them. You'll undoubtedly find the perfect urn to hold the ashes of your beloved mom,with countless shapes, colors, and materials to choose from. Types of urns range from temporary to permanent and large to small, and even wearable options are available today.

Choosing a Cremation Urn for Mom

You shouldn't be daunted by the task of choosing the most suitable urn for your mom. Essentially, you have to make two choices: what type of urn you want and what design it should have.

The type of urn includes the size, shape, and function it will have. These are some of the main types:

Large and Extra-Large Urns

These urns hold the ashes of an adult. Large urns are for those weighing less than 200 lbs, while extra-large urns accommodate adults of up to 360 lbs. They could have a classic vase shape or a heart shape, or they could be box urns or statue urns.

Keepsake Urns

You may instead want to divide the ashes into several smaller vessels. Keepsake urns for moms are ideal if you want to share the ashes among siblings or family members. One type of keepsake urn is an urn necklace to wear your mom's ashes close to your heart.

Companion Urns

You can opt for a companion urn if you don't want separate urns for your mom and dad's ashes. These urns are either large enough to hold their combined ashes or have two compartments for each set of ashes. They are the perfect way to represent your parents' everlasting love.

Once you’ve decided on the type of urn, you should then pick its design and color. Trupoint Memorials offers feminine lavender and purple urns. Our urns also come in soft white, bold green or red, and majestic silver or gold.

These are some popular designs:

• Flora and fauna like roses, birds, animals, and trees. Trupoint Memorials has beautiful hummingbird cremation urns, mystic and pink butterfly urns, and peaceful dove urns.
• Angel urns for mom
• Mother-of-pearl urns for ashes have a soft, delicate sheen.
• Ocean designs include guiding lighthouses, serene waves, and relaxing beaches.


Customized Urn Painting

Many people want to make sure their mothers' final resting place is special and unique to them. There are several ways to achieve a personalized urn for your mom.

Firstly, urns are often carefully and artfully hand painted. Trupoint Memorials has a selection of elegant hand-painted urns, including illustrations of the tree of life, a perched cardinal bird, and a modern dove motif.