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Purple Cremation Urns

There are many cultural differences when it comes to the symbolism of purple.

Some regard purple as the color that represents sorrow and mourning, others view it as spiritual and sacred, and some cultures see purple as a royal color associated with nobility.

What’s common among these associations is that purple is a meaningful and powerful color, making it an excellent choice to pay tribute to any person who has passed.

Trupoint Memorials’ purple cremation urns do just that and memorialize an inspirational child, special pet, or a mom or dad with a one-of-a-kind personality and wise soul. Our purple urns will safeguard your loved one’s ashes, and their unique, detailed designs and vibrant purple color are perfect for display.

Choosing the Right Specialty Urn

At Trupoint Memorials, we offer several purple cremation urns in different sizes, materials, and designs. We carefully hand-selected each beautiful design to convey deep symbolic meaning and sentiment fitting for your lost loved one.

Each of our unique purple designs is available as a large urn suitable for adults up to 200 lbs, a small keepsake urn, or a set of four matching keepsake urns. Our Hummingbird Urn is also available in an extra-large size, which can hold the cremains of a person up to 300 lbs.

Our small urns are made from solid, sturdy brass, and the larger ones are made from aluminum as they are more lightweight. Both metals are high-quality materials that won’t tarnish or easily get broken or damaged.

The urns all come in the classic vase shape with clean lines; however, their intricately hand painted designs set our urns apart from your standard cremation urn. In addition, each illustration has a protective coating to ensure a long-lasting finish.


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