Butterfly Cremation Urns

Butterflies make the perfect symbol for cremation urns, reminding us that death is not final but instead a time for transformation and rebirth.

Trupoint Memorials’ unusual butterfly cremation urns are beautifully handcrafted with fine details to pay tribute to your mom, dad, child, or even pet and memorialize their colorful personalities and light-hearted souls.

These urns for ashes are also an excellent choice for a lover of butterflies and flowers and any person who loved nature.

Choosing the Right Specialty Urn

When choosing a cremation urn, there are several considerations to make, including the urn’s design, size, and material.

Trupoint Memorials offers two unique butterfly designs. The first design is the Pink Butterfly Urn, which is cheerful and feminine. The urn is a whimsical light pink color, and the butterfly and daisy motifs are in modern, polished silver.

The second is the Mystic Butterfly Urn. It has a very unusual and striking design, with intricately detailed butterflies and irises against a vibrant purple backdrop. Both designs are handpainted and coated with a long-lasting protective finish.

For both designs, you can choose between two sizes: a large adult urn and a small keepsake urn. The large size can hold the cremains of an adult of up to 200 lbs and is made from hand-selected metals that make up a durable aluminum alloy.

Alternatively, you can opt for a single keepsake urn or a matching set of four keepsake urns. These urns are less than 3 inches tall, hold only a few ounces of ashes, and are made from high-quality solid brass.