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Metal Cremation Urns

Cremation urns come in various materials, but metal remains the most popular choice because of its durability, versatility, and beauty.

Trupoint Memorials has a wide range of handmade metal urns to keep your loved one’s ashes secure and their memory safe for many years to come.

Our metal urns come in keepsake sizes and large and extra-large sizes for your mom or dad’s ashes. We also have smaller sizes for a child's ashes and urns especially for pets. There are also many beautiful handpainted designs to choose from that make for a stunning display piece for funerals or at home.

Choosing the Right Metal Urn 

When choosing the right metal urn, you need to decide on the type of metal, the size of the urn, and its design.

Trupoint Memorials’ urns come in solid brass and high-grade aluminum alloy. Both metals are suitable for indoors or outdoors. While you don’t always need an urn vault for burials, it’s recommended to ensure the outside elements and pressure of the ground above the urn don’t damage it.

Our metal keepsake urns are ideal if you want to share the ashes among loved ones. These metals won’t crack or easily get broken if they are accidentally dropped.

There are also several small metal urns made just for pets and other smaller urns for infants and children. Trupoint has many large urns for adults weighing up to 200 lbs and extra-large urns for people up to 330 lbs.

Finally, you need to decide on the urn’s design. You can opt for a simpler design like our sleek black metal urns or have a detailed decorative design like our intricately handpainted ones.


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