How To Give Support to Your Grieving Loved One –

How To Give Support to Your Grieving Loved One

No one can define the pain one goes through after losing their loved ones. It is intolerable and acute. When some of your friends have lost their family member, it can be difficult for you to know what to do or say. It was a sad yet awkward moment for you. You can be scared making them feel worse or saying something wrong that can hurt them.

But, your words can help your friend to come out from the grief. While you can’t take away the deep pain of their loss, still there are many ways to help them during this difficult time. Let’s have a look:

Why your support is important to your grieving loved one?

Losing a loved one is a difficult phase of anyone’s life and if the same thing happened with your friend there is no doubt, your support is mandatory. Because your friend is into depression, they are also going through with many painful and intense emotions including profound sadness, guilt, and anger. Often they feel alone and isolated too, but having someone by their side can help them to get through this grieving time.

Giving support to your grieving friend or loved ones

The better you understand grief and how to heal it, the better you will be able to help your family member or friend to get over it.

Understanding the process of grief

Always remember, there is nothing right or wrong when it comes to grieving. Everyone has their own way to grieve so don’t tell your loved one what they should be doing or feeling.  A person who is grieving feels closer to acute depression. The period of grieving can be shorter or longer. Don’t pressurize your loved ones to move on so quickly. Let them take their time. This can help them to heal in a better and healthier way.

Listen to them with compassion

Its common that many of us often get worried what to say to a grieving person, but the more important aspect is to understand how to listen. Most of the time, we change the topic or avoid talking about the deceased. But the bereaved want to feel that their loss is noted and taken seriously. By listening to them with compassion, you can give peace of mind to the grieving person.

Offer practical help

When someone has lost their family member, life seems blank to them. Asking them for help is quite difficult for them. They might not be that much addicted to receive so much attention or feel like a burden to others. Even if they need something, they won’t ask you or feel hesitant. Rather, you should offer practical help by yourself. Rather than saying, “let me know if you require anything” say I am going to the supermarket today what do you want from there? Be consistent when you offer something to them. So, the grieving person knows that you are a support to them and you’ll be there to take care of their needs.

To sum-up

The pain of losing someone is unbearable, as you would never going to see that person again in your life. By giving a caring and helping hand to the grieving member of their family you are making the best efforts you can.

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