Why People Keep the Ashes of Their Loved Ones at Home –

Why People Keep the Ashes of Their Loved Ones at Home

Life is the most beautiful asset we own. But, one day, we have to return this asset back to the belonger and merge into ashes. Death of a loved one is one of the usual and unpleasant events in anyone’s life. The one we used to talk and see every day is no longer with us! Even the thought of it gives us goosebumps. Many people who have lost their loved ones look for an idea to treasure their memories.

So, they start with a memorial service and plan to scatter their ashes or remains in deceased’s favorite sea, mountain or any landscape. Yet there are many people who keep the ashes of their loved ones at home. Keeping ashes or remains at home is the most preferred choice for many people. This enables them to feel the closeness with their deceased loved one. Everyone relationship is different and so are the feelings involved.

When your loved one dies and you are left with their remains/ashes, the one thought in your mind is to secure it close to your heart. Where many people scatter the ashes of deceased in their favorite place, some people prefer to keep them in their home.


Honestly, there is no any right or wrong when it comes to keeping memorial urn for ashes at home. It’s all the matter of heart and feelings. While memorial service is crucial, cremation offers an easy way to memorize the deceased loved ones.

Keeping urns at home or wearing urns jewelry provide comfort to many people that their deceased loved ones are close to them. According to a survey, one out of 5 people kept the ashes of their loved ones at home. Keeping ashes of your deceased loved one in the home is one of the most sensitive things anyone could do. You can keep the ashes in the cremation urn and keep it on the display for your home. The choice is yours!

When it comes to the decision of keeping ashes in the home, you may get loads of advice. Undoubtedly, the grieving process is difficult, but over time, so, when bringing ashes to home, you have to take care of many aspects, especially where to keep it and what type of urn is suitable.

How to secure ashes of your loved ones at home?

The easiest and convenient ways to secure ashes of your loved ones at home is in cremation urns. These urns are available in different types. Aside from different materials, these urns are available in different themes and styles to choose from. From keepsake urns, themed urns, to artistic urns, religious urns etc. There are many options available according to your needs and budget.

Wrapping the post

Losing anyone close to the heart is emotionally draining. You are just left with memories and a feeling that you will never see the person ever after. By keeping ashes or remains of your loved ones at home, you are not only treasuring their memories but making them an eternal part of your lives.

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