Planning a Memorial Tree Ceremony –

Planning a Memorial Tree Ceremony

Are you dealing with the death of your loved ones? If yes, then it is quite obvious you are going through a tough time. The feeling of loss of a close family member or friend is the worse feeling anyone could ever feel. Although, you can’t bring your loved one back to you can make them alive in your memories forever. How?

Well, there are ample of ways to do that. One of the most preferred methods is planting a memorial tree. This is one of the natural ways to celebrate your closed one. If the deceased enjoyed hiking in the woods or an avid gardener, then this sort of memory can remind you of their nature and the things they love.

The concept of a memorial tree is quite popular across the world. A memorial tree is a great way to honor your loved one and offer them a warm tribute. You can plant a memorial tree to any garden or place where your loved ones often visit. A memorial tree is an excellent way to express your love to your deceased relative or friend.

Things to consider when planning a memorial tree ceremony

- The place where you are planning to plant a tree

- Type of elements you want to include photos, flower petals, etc.

- Type of tree you want to plant

If your loved ones were buried in some other place from where you reside, you can get their ashes or remains in urns and plant a tree, blending the soil with the ashes. It will not only allow you to visit the tree often, but you can also grieve, meditate, pray and remember your deceased loved ones. 

There are also many ways to make a memorial tree an essential part of life celebration or memorial service. For instance, you can scatter the ashes or remains of your deceased in any outdoor location or look for a place where you can plant a tree. It can be a forest, stream, park, lake etc.

Choosing a plant

Most people often choose a special plant in memory of their relative or a friend, but some people love to flower a shrub such as lilacs.


No matter what location you choose, make sure it lasts longer. If you are planting a tree on your own, follow the instructions carefully and also make certain if they are right for your climate or zone.


When planning to plant a tree in the memory of your loved ones, there are a number of elements you can add. You can include things like flower petals, small trinket, personal letter/poem, or cremation urn.

To sum up

Cherishing memories of your deceased loved ones is one of the most challenging tasks to do. If you are looking for the best way to do that, there is no other way than planting a tree.

It is also one of the popular ways to honor your deceased loved ones. Many people prefer planing a tree ceremony because these are the symbol of life, tranquility, and longevity. By planting a tree in the memory of your deceased loved ones, you are providing them an excellent way to stay alive in your memories. 


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