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Why Metal Urns Are a Good Choice

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By Staff Writer
Romi Hector
Edited by Romi Hector

Published April 6, 2022.

Metallic silver urn surrounded by pink roses

Many families wish to preserve the ashes of their loved ones and keep them close through cremation urns. This also means the choice of urn holds special value to the family.

Urns are available in many materials, ranging from wood, marble to biodegradable matter, each having its own utilities and usage. Your choice will be very personal and according to your preferences. But if you’re unsure of what urns to opt for, let us help you out.

Metal cremation urns can be an extremely viable lightweight option if you’re looking for longevity, resilience, customizability, and an opulent and distinct look and feel. Below are some more advantages of purchasing metal urns.


Depending on what you decide will be the final resting place of your loved ones, durability becomes a very vital aspect when choosing an urn. Considered the sturdiest types of urns, metal urns may be your best bet in surviving harsh long-term environmental damage, or cracks and tears in case of accidents.

If you plan to bury the urn or scatter the ashes, you might not need a metal urn. On the other hand, if you wish to place the urn in your home, or a columbarium, it should be able to stand the test of time, surviving accidents and wear and tear. That’s the first reason why metal urns are a suitable choice.


Metal urns have a certain regality, resilience, and nobility about how they look. Not only can materials like copper, brass, bronze, pewter, and stainless steel be incomparably opulent, but they also have a distinctive look that is carried on to the urns they shape.

A lot of families choose to opt for a temporary cremation urn for the funeral service and then may decide to bury or scatter the ashes. Since you can switch easily after the funeral service, you can still opt for a metal urn even if you don't decide to permanently display the ashes at your home or a columbarium, taking advantage of the exceptional look and feel they have to offer.

Colors and Engravings

Metal urns offer a wide range of options where appearances are concerned. They can be tinged and colored in any hue of your choosing; whether you want a simple solid background, or if you would rather go for gradients or patterns. The choices don't end there. They can be engraved with inscriptions; they can also be printed on, carved, or ground.

If you are purchasing an urn pre-need, it is also a viable strategy to add a plate on the urn to leave space for engraving for a date or have the name and message inscription engraved with the purchase. Not only does this help you avoid the stress of funeral preparations, but it also saves you from hurried shipping.

Shape and Size

Since a lot of display requirements hinge on the niche of the columbarium or altar, the height and width of a cremation urn may have to be very specific. Metal urns can be molded to the shapes or sizes of your preference. Whether you’re going for a look dictated by customs and years of practice, or trying something entirely new.

Moreover, the question of sizes is not limited to the exterior only. The interior capacity of a cremation urn is equally important. The industry standard for an adult is 200 cubic inches, but the rule of thumb is “one pound of body weight equals one cubic inch of ash.” Since metal urns can be molded into any shape and size, they can be made according to your specific, preferred capacities.

Parting Thoughts

Metal urns are a very suitable choice to preserve the ashes of your urns in an aesthetically pleasing manner without worrying about wear and tear.

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